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Preview of “Perseverance and Proteins” By Molly Carrig

In her research, Molly functions as a protein marriage counselor. Instead of trying to uncover pieces of each person’s personality or experiences that fit together, she tries to pinpoint protein motifs that might be matches made in heaven. When her two proteins do not bind, the effects can be as disastrous for the human body as a nasty divorce is for a family. Attempting to answer this binding question so far has led to dozens more questions, and her lab is working to answer them with perseverance, patience, and occasional playfulness.


Attend Molly’s Consider! Presentation on April 16th to hear the rest of her talk!

Preview of “Science: Of the People, For the People, By the People” By Mark May

Despite his minimal formal education, Michael Faraday’s curious spirit and passion for discovery led him to become one of the great experimental physicists of his day. His work changed the way we understood electricity and magnetism, and his story can change the way we understand science. Faraday’s life and his work show us that science is a fundamentally human process, one in which each of us can participate and one that belongs to us all.


Come hear the rest of what Mark has to say on April 16th at the Consider! Presentation event.