Stories of Science Podcast

Welcome to the Stories of Science Podcast! This podcast was created by Creighton Honors student Mark May as a way of sharing the lives and stories of famous and influential scientists with the public in a new and innovative way. Click on the title of each scientist to hear more about these incredible individuals, their contributions to science, and how their work is ever relevant in today’s world. Happy listening!

Michael Faraday


Despite his minimal formal education, Michael Faraday’s curious spirit and passion for discovery led him to become one of the great experimental physicists of his day. His work changed the way we understood electricity and magnetism, and his story can change the way we understand science. Faraday’s life and his work show us that science is a fundamentally human process, one in which each of us can participate and one that belongs to us all.


Albert Einstein


A look at the long road Einstein took to the general theory of relativity, the greatest accomplishment of one of history’s greatest scientists. Einstein’s story displays an uncommon mind, but an inexorably human soul, featuring the same drive, passion, and desperation that fuel all of us, making Einstein’s story one of the most human in all of science.


Marie Curie


Marie Curie faced a world that often cared more about her sex than about her scientific contributions. Her story is one of overcoming prejudice and succeeding in an often hostile world, a story that can inspire all of us and offer poignant instruction about the underlying humanity of science.