Public Conversations Project: Knowledge, Justice, Hope, Service

Since its inception in 2005, students in Creighton’s new Honors Program have made illuminating, helpful, and sometimes important discoveries across various fields of inquiry.  The passion they feel for their work has been evident in their publications and public presentations, which have met high standards in their disciplines.

However, it is not just other scholars who can profit from Honors students’ discoveries.  These students’ insights into cancer research, bioterrorism risk, legal punishment, the nature of love, and the history of eugenics can profit everyone in the community by introducing the general public to new topics, guiding them through the methods of various disciplines, and providing helpful concepts with which to conceptualize problems of our world.  However, these talks, blogs, and podcasts are not simply lectures.  In the spirit of St. Ignatius of Loyola, who strove simultaneously to teach and to learn from others in conversation, these presentations are meant to open discussions and foster conversation.

By bringing important issues to public discussion, these presenters help promote justice.  By placing confidence in the power of public discussion, they express hope.  By fostering fruitful discussion, they serve the community.