“They Know. They Infer. Who Are They?: Reconsidering Data Privacy”


What data about you circulates on the internet?  Perhaps you know what you have posted yourself to social media, and you have some degree of trust in companies that collect and manage the data stemming from your other online activity.  However, computer scientist Jordan Freitas invites us to look at this issue from a different perspective: Who collects data about us, what do they want to know, and what decisions are they making based not on what we share but on what they infer about us from seemingly harmless data points.  Is our privacy being invaded?  Is that privacy a resource, a luxury, or a human right?  How might technology advancements help put individuals back in control, and how might individuals reclaim some control?

Presented by Jordan Freitas, BS’13, PhD candidate
in computer science, University of
California, Berkeley



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